Photo Page

Here are some pictures of the team.......

Stop back soon for updated pics from recent trainings, searches, etc.

Our latest team pic, several members not pictured. April 2003

Nick and Candy ride out on MOCK SEARCH, Spring 03 (Candy riding Apache, our donated horse)

Amy riding out on SEARCH... "MOCK, Aug. 02"

Team stands by as units administer First Aid to victim (Aug Mock Search)

Amy & Stormy represent the team at a SAFETY demo at the EQUINE AFFAIRE 2003


Joe awaits radio communication from base/Aug. 2003 MOCK SEARCH
Team rescues the victim.. "MOCK - Aug. 02" The Rescue! Members with subject, MOCK SEARCH Aug. 02
Amy administers first aid to mock subject, MOCK SEARCH - August 2003
Members administer first aid to real subject at the Endurance Ride, Paint Creek July 2003 "Boney" (Joe's legacy) sports the ribbon won by team in Fall Festival of Leaves Parade 2002
Joe and Susie help get Amanda off on MOCK SEARCH training!
Nick Mendenhall, Candy Fetters, and other members teach a class on" moving the injured subject". Brad and Joe riding at the Endurance Ride, Paint Creek -July 2003
Command Persons,,,, Dave Winn and Cheryl J. Rodney, OVERT, gives backpack instrcution at May Training
Team takes their tally steps to prepare for training in May Our Banner.
Zack & Ty await their scores at May Training Team goes over their finds at the May Training
Amy and her dad, Dave, team up to search for clues/Spring Training